Industries We Serve

From Desktop to Mobile Applications, IoT to AR / VR Development, Data management to Cloud Computing, Customized CRM Solutions to SAP / SAS, Web Applications to A.I Development.
We provide Hospital ERP Solutions, Customised Hospital Systems, Ambulance Management System, It Based Health Care Research.
As technology is advancing so fast, Real Estate developers now have many advantages of increasing their sales through the power of our smart applications created by our IoT developers, get the best from us and multiply your sales as well as given complete customer satisfaction.
We provide complete manufacturing software solution offering full control over materials, processes, supply chain, sales and stock, accounting, resources on our cloud server.
Our solutions help clients accelerate innovation, reduce cost, and optimize asset utilization through IoT products Manufacturing, IoT Home Automation and IoT App Development.
In E-Governance we can provide Tax Applications / Softwares, Registration Systems, Government Data Management, Port Management System, Employee Management System and E-Monitoring System


Surveillance Systems For Government Agencies like Police, Military and Private Security Systems Etc.
Fleet management and production control software optimizing use in underground mines. With IoT and A.I increasing rapidly we are developing systems that helps boost productivity of mines.
We are specialized in creating customized e-Commerce solutions, Food Ordering Applications. We have also gain excellency in working with third party CMS e-Commerce development.
Booking Management System, Travel Management System, Hotel Management System, B2C Applications, Virtual Tour Applications
We provide easy-to-use, structurally integrated software system for the aviation industry which includes inventory control, production, maintenance forecasting, cost accounting and customer management system
We are specialized in creating Transport Management System
Vehicle Tracking Systems, Commercial Vehicle Management Application, Online Ticketing System etc.
We have deliverStudent Management System, E-Learning Application, Online Liberary, School / University Erp Solutions, Online Examination Applications and Supervisory / Monitoring Applications
E-Banking Softwares ; Loan and Recovery Applications, Account Management and Customer Management Systems, Secure Banking Web Portals and Mobile Applications.
To manage production activities and operational plans we provide ERP software for financial data management, food supply and distribution chain globally as well as IoT systems which monitors soil activities in order to increases productivity and financial growth.
Our Petroleum Industry ERP Software to maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce risk across the industry and broadly concentrates on maximizing cost-effective production from the field. .