Oprah IT’s e-Governance solutions facilitate operation of government using the latest technology available and try to implement better governance while providing ease to the citizen.
Using our e-governance solution, can help you digitally transform the way services are delivered to the citizens. The solution acts as a bridge between government and its stakeholders. It enhances economic growth of the state and the country.
These e-governance solutions helps in building transparency, reduce corruption, expand reach, serve better and improvise the system. Citizens can access to files and have information of government facilities, services, regulations, and feedback without going to respected offices.

Our Expertise in this domain has facilitated us to deliver ground breaking solutions government systems at various levels. These solutions can be efficiently implemented to government systems like Health sector, Municipal Reforms, office automation, Transportation, urban development, utilities etc.

Given below are the some of the anticipated solutions that we can build for your needs:

  • Office automation E-complaints/Feedback
  • E-payroll
  • E-benefits
  • E-training
  • E-statements
  • File management system