Forex Trading / Technology

Brokerage License

The procedure for obtaining a Forex brokerage license and setting up Technology systems to commence your business can be complex without the guidance of a professional consultancy and Technology firm. LoisOprah IT Solutions will provide guidance on the company documentation and manual preparation steps. We aim to help clients meet all necessary requirements in order to become an investment broker in a professional and timely manner. We will be on hand to assist with every stage of the licensing procedure and technology setup. Get all your solution from us through our partner firms we are confidently dealing with and Get a brokerage license from any Jurisdiction of your choice; USA, UK, CYPRUS, NEVIS, BELIZE, BVI, BAHAMAS and more.


Technology Solutions

After your license is issued we shall cater for the complete setup of the Technologies required to operate as a Forex broker, with the Top nod industry solution from our partner companies. We provide you fully automatic and reliable execution in the MT4 environment through our Smart B-Book Executors, with ultra low latency and a multi-asset feed. Smart Executor automatically controls even the smallest trades, solving many B-Book problems experienced with scalpers and high volume traders. Our Smart B-Book Executor also significantly decreases operational costs, as less dealers are required for flow control.

Leave all your burdens to us and get your Forex brokerage firm set up in no time.
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