With the world turning digital, health services are not far behind. The health sector is adapting to the digital services to provide the best support to the patients. Oprah IT is committed to provide highly customized and cutting edge solutions to suit all requirements regardless of the requirement whether cloud based or on-premise. As security is the major concern while dealing with Electronic Health Records we are well versed with using latest security protocols and we can also build a HIPPA compliant solution if required. We can build solutions that will make the process of diagnosis fast, convenient and effective.The patients will have more information about their diagnosis with just a click. They can take health measures easily and is accessible to everyone at all times.

Some of the key features we keep in mind creating a solution are as follows:

  • Keeping the health checkups, records and other essential details with the patient’s name.
  • Keep track of health problems, its cause, its symptoms and its cure.
  • Keep track of their diagnosis and next steps in the diagnosis.
  • Digitizing the hospital’s operations and functions.
  • To build transparency among patients.
  • e-registrations/e-billing/e-blood bank/e-patient portal/SMS notifications to provide frequent updates.
  • Patient Data Security